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“Every child should see themselves, their family and their community in the pages of a book.”

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My Mama is Flying that Plane

The girls learn the meaning of courage and determination when their Mama loses her job but seizes the opportunity to chase her dreams of becoming a pilot. mignon pastrami.

Cowboy Blaze Barton’s First Cattle Drive

When a lightning storm scares the herd into a stampede, young Blaze experiences first-hand the dangers of life on the trail and discovers what it takes to become a real cowboy.

Kason’s Kite

Kason wants to attend the kite-flying festival at his local park, so his dad teaches him how to make and decorate his own kite. An unleashed dog causes havoc at the park, but Kason comes to the rescue.

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This enchanting mystery about Peanut, the smallest and naughtiest monkey at Zig Zag Zoo, will captivate your young readers and teach an important lesson about thinking of others before yourself.

There seems to be no explanation when things start disappearing and reappearing around Zig Zag Zoo. Maybe it’s a ghost, the zookeepers wonder. But no, it is Peanut who has found a secret way to escape his cage and get up to all sorts of mischief.

Mystery at Zig Zag Zoo

Peanut, the smallest and naughtiest monkey at Zig Zag Zoo.

Music In The Family

Oliver was born into a musical family. Will he ever be a good enough musician to play in the family band and in time for the competition?

Coloring Christmas

Get the crayons ready for this holiday coloring book with 30 fun holiday illustrations.

Family Pride – The Complete Guide to Tracing African American Genealogy

Want to discover your family history? Let family pride be your guide.

Family Reunion Planner

This handy guide is all you need to plan your family reunion.

Spark Magic: How To Write A Multicultural Children’s Picture Book
In Spark Magic, Donna Beasley takes you step-by-step through powerful storytelling elements.  You will learn how to generate engaging ideas, outline your story, create the book you were meant to write.