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5 Benefits To Self-Publish Your Children’s Book

The two best things often mentioned about self-publishing are total creative control and speed to market.

The two best things often mentioned about self-publishing are total creative control and speed to market. But I believe the best thing is the ability to take charge of your own writing career. I am a huge fan of self-publishing and encourage every author I know to give it a try. You can do it and it is not as hard as you think with a little planning. I like to share 5 benefits to self-publishing your children’s book.

  1. It’s easier and less expensive to get your story and your message out in the world now, than in the history of publishing. You don’t have to wait from some large, prestigious publishing house to bless your work.  Write your book and hire a good editor to be sure the story is the best it can be. If you need an illustrator, find one in your budget by referral, or on or
  2. You’ll have higher royalties than you’d received if you had to split them with both the retailer and the publisher.
  3. You own the work, so you don’t need permission from a publisher to create spinoff products, like workbooks, plush animals, or to sell in bulk to a sponsor, etc.
  4. You can publish anytime you want as a self-publisher. Your book can be out in 15 minutes or 15 months. You decide. Even if you’re talented and lucky enough to get a traditional book deal, it can take 1 to 2 years for your book to come out. And, you’ll have no control over the cover or the illustrator. Your opinion won’t matter.
  5. You can build a body of work that represents you. If you are in art school or photography school instructors tell you to build a body of work for your portfolio. The more pieces you create or photos you take the better you get. But as authors we’re seldom encouraged to do the same thing. But you can!

My mission as an author is create a body of work that reflects the Black family, culture and community. I’ve published 4 picture books and plan to publish my first novel in February, 2022. My artist friend, Pam Rice, developed an impressive body of work. She has written and illustrated over 10 children’s books in the last 5 years . My point is that you can create your own body of work that represents you and/or your message one story, one book at a time.

There is no magic button for self-publishing. There is definitely work involved and you may need to learn some new skills. But you can take control of your writing career. Go for it, the joy of publishing your book is the best gift you can give yourself.